Unwire Your Education

Modern educational networks help students overcome the barriers that keep them from reaching their true potential. They give them access to the wider community, let them enroll in specialized courses that aren’t locally available, and help them personalize their learning experience to meet their unique abilities.

Educators and administrators also benefit from modern networks, accessing remote course materials and creating blended learning environments that combine classroom lectures with self-paced, computer-based e-learning. They can also more effectively monitor students’ progress and better ensure that graduates gain skills for critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Global business technology’s wireless broadband solutions help turn legacy educational networks into 21st broadband networks with anytime, anywhere access to voice, video and data. Global Business Technology delivers connectivity to wherever you are on campus, whether you’re in a classroom, an office, the library or your favorite green space.

Use Globl Business Technology solutions to:

  • Rapidly deploy high-speed broadband access to stationary, mobile, and handheld devices
  • Deliver VoIP and eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines
  • Meet digital inclusion initiatives with low-cost, safe access for students at home
  • Provide data and voice communication to wireless-only users
  • Provide wireless broadband CPEs and end-user devices that meet a variety of needs & budgets
  • Secure students & school assets with video surveillance

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Without the need for expensive digging, trenching or running cables, Global Business Technology’s wireless networks are ideal for providing affordable high-speed broadband for VoIP, videoconferencing and Internet access.

Digital Inclusion
Offer low-cost or no-cost Internet access and VoIP to students and families from underserved residential areas. Supply advanced Internet services to areas that are often overlooked or avoided by commercial Internet service providers due to lower returns.

Multi-band Access
Simultaneous support for the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands let you provide no-cost or revenue-generating access services to customers for the growing use handheld devices and laptops in the 5 GHz spectrum.

Connectivity for Wireless-only Users
Deliver affordable, high-quality data and voice services to the 25% of students who are wireless-only users. Ensure that students and staff can connect their smartphones and tablets to their carrier of choice as landlines are decommissioned in dormitories and buildings.

24 x 7 x 365, All-Weather Performance
Whether used for VoIP, videoconferencing or Internet access, your business demands maximum uptime. Alvarion wireless broadband solutions provide all-weather performance with maximum uptime—even on Mt. Everest.

Quality of Service
Quality of service (QoS) ensures that each type of traffic on your wireless broadband network receives the bandwidth it needs. Video feeds are clear and readable while VOIP and Internet access meet the expectations of users.

Extended Coverage and NLOS Operation
Global Business Technology solutions use beamforming and 3x3:3 MIMO technologies to deliver up to three times the coverage of alternative solutions, even in non-line-of-site (NLOS) conditions.

Flexible, Modular Infrastructure
The modular nature of wireless infrastructure makes it easy to add additional connections as your business grows.

Fast Return On Investment
Can provide up to 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX with fewer sites per square mile/kilometer, higher network reliability, and enhanced quality of service.