Public Safety

Public Safety

Transform Your Great City into a Safe City

Safe City initiatives partner municipalities, communities and technology to reduce street crime and create an environment where people of all ages can work and play in safety and security. Wireless networks for public safety connect emergency personnel to centralized systems for emergency management and response, decreasing response time and helping to reduce operating expenses by eliminating expensive leased lines and satellite connections.

Emergency kiosks and video surveillance are also supported by wireless networks, allowing cities to rejuvenate business and recreational areas, create new jobs and expand tax revenues. Wireless networks designed for safe cites can also be successfully leveraged for use as educational networks—and vice versa—to become a catalyst for raising the entire area’s quality of life.

Global Business Technology’s wireless broadband solutions for 700 MHz, 900MHz and 4.9 GHz offer 100% privately-owned connectivity that can turn legacy public safety networks into 21st century broadband networks for public safety and security, with anytime, anywhere access to voice, video and data.

Use Global Business Technology's solutions to:

  • Deliver VoIP, broadband Internet and video to police and fire stations
  • Rapidly deploy video surveillance in public spaces
  • Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 links and satellite connections
  • Increase the productivity of emergency personnel in the field
  • Speed situational awareness of first responders
  • Traffic monitoring and control

High-Speed Access to Voice, Video and Data
Global Business Technology’s wireless solutions cost-effectively deliver high-speed voice, video and data to police stations, fire stations, and emergency vehicles. Public safety personnel on-location can access central systems to download aerial photos, live video, internal building plans and more.

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Roll out broadband service to municipal or regional areas without expensive digging, trenching or running cables. Quickly deploy and connect emergency kiosks and video surveillance in commercial areas, tourist sites and stadiums. Rapidly secure public events with ad-hoc video surveillance.

Leased Line Replacement
Eliminate costly leased lines by using Global Business technology point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless technology to interconnect police and fire stations throughout the area.

Connectivity for Mobile Personnel
Deliver voice and video to first responders so they can quickly attain situational awareness. Increase the productivity of mobile personnel by enabling them to access centralized reporting systems.

Quality of Service
Quality of service (QoS) ensures that each type of traffic on your wireless broadband network receives the bandwidth it needs. Offer higher network reliability and enhanced quality of service that delivers connectivity to emergency kiosks, video surveillance and first responders.

Superior Interference Mitigation
The inherent spatial filtering of  Global Business technology’s technology for beamforming and interference handling ensures smooth operation in congested environments.

Extended Coverage and NLOS Operation
Use Alvarion’s beamforming and 3x3:3 MIMO technologies to deliver up to three times the coverage of alternative solutions, even in Non-Line-of-Site (NLOS) conditions.

Fast Return On Investment
May provide up to 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX with fewer sites per square mile or square kilometer.