Service Providers

Service Providers

We live in a hyper-dynamic world where high-speed Internet access is seen as a basic necessity like running water and electricity. Although 60-90% of the people in rural communities, many people around the world still don’t have connectivity at all. And users in metropolitan areas face challenges as they struggle for bandwidth on networks that have been overwhelmed by the rapid proliferation of smart phones and mobile computing devices, all using a vast amount of mobile internet applications.

Bandwidth delivered is bandwidth consumed. No matter how much you supply, there will never be enough. And the challenge for more bandwidth is compounded by the demand for lower prices. Service providers of every size are dependent on their infrastructure to achieve differentiation and maintain profitability.

Global Business Technology’s wireless broadband solutions help service providers build cost-effective 21st century broadband networks in rural or metropolitan areas that deliver anytime, anywhere access to voice, video and data.

Use Alvarion solutions to:

  • Rapidly deploy and roll-out services without trenching and digging
  • Grow your network as your business grows
  • Offer your customers a wide variety of CPEs or end-user devices that meet their needs and budgets
  • Effectively support voice, data and video with quality of service
  • Deliver connectivity in Non-Line-of-Site and adverse weather conditions
  • Benefit from the low CAPEX and OPEX of wireless technology

High-Speed Access to Voice, Video and Data
Cost-effectively deliver high-speed voice, video and data to customers.

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Without the need for expensive digging, trenching or running cables, Global Business Technology’s wireless networks are ideal for providing access to areas that are often overlooked or avoided by commercial Internet service providers due to lower returns.

Leased Line Replacement
Eliminate businesses’ costly leased E1/T1 lines by using a Global Business Technology point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless technology to provide connectivity between offices or buildings throughout a city.

Digital Inclusion
Offer low-cost or no-cost Internet access and VoIP to students and families from underserved residential areas.

Extended Coverage and NLOS Operation
Global Business Technology solutions use beamforming and 3x3:3 MIMO technologies to deliver up to three times the coverage of alternative solutions, even in Non-Line-of-Site (NLOS) conditions.

24 x 7 x 365, All-Weather Performance
Used for VoIP, videoconferencing or Internet access,  Global Business Technology’s wireless broadband solutions provide all-weather performance with maximum uptime—even on Mt. Everest.

Quality of Service
Quality of service (QoS) ensures that each type of traffic on your wireless broadband network receives the bandwidth it needs. Video feeds are clear and readable while VoIP and Internet access meet the expectations of users.

Flexible, Modular Infrastructure
The modular nature of wireless infrastructure makes it easy to add additional connections as your business grows.

Superior Interference Mitigation
Ensure smooth operation in congested environments with the inherent spatial filtering of Global Business Technology’s technologies for beamforming and handling interference.

Fast Return On Investment
May provide up to 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX with fewer sites per square mile or square kilometer.