Smart Cities

Transform Your Great City into a Smart City

Smart City initiatives turn municipalities into the networked organisms of the future, bringing new opportunities and fostering cooperation between local governments and their residents. Wireless broadband networks enable smart cities to deliver voice, video and data to government offices and agencies throughout the municipality. Broadband access makes municipal services more efficient and responsive to the needs of residents while eliminating the need for expensive leased lines.

Wireless broadband networks can be successfully leveraged for additional uses such as public safety, transportation or educational networks—and vice versa. The same network that carries voice calls from office to office can provide video feeds to the police, backhaul data from traffic sensors to intelligent traffic systems, and provide high-speed Internet access to schools and underserved neighborhoods.

Global Business Technology’s wireless broadband solutions offer 100% privately-owned connectivity that help transform cities from heavy-weight consumers of communications into 21st century providers of broadband services to municipal offices and residents with anytime, anywhere access to voice, video and data.

Use Global Business Technology solutions to:

  • Deliver VoIP, broadband Internet and video to municipal offices, emergency services, schools and more
  • Rapidly deploy video surveillance in public spaces and schools
  • Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 links
  • Meet digital inclusion initiatives and raise educational achievement
  • Monitor and control traffic with intelligent traffic systems
  • Deploy AMR for smart utilities

High-Speed Access to Voice, Video and Data
Cost-effectively deliver high-speed voice, video and data to municipal agencies and emergency services. Enable mobile technicians to access central systems to verify permits and respond to service calls. Reduce the response times for police and fire departments.

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Roll out broadband service to municipal or regional areas without expensive digging, trenching or running cables. Quickly deploy video surveillance in commercial areas, entertainment areas and schools while supporting traffic sensors and cameras.

Leased Line Replacement
Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines by using Alvarion point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless technology to interconnect municipal offices, police stations and fire stations throughout the area.

Digital Inclusion
Offer low-cost or no-cost Internet access and VoIP to students and families from disadvantaged residential areas. Supply advanced Internet services to areas that are often overlooked or avoided by commercial Internet service providers due to lower returns.

AMR and Smart Utility Support
Support smart meters, smart sensors and distribution automation devices with two-way communication and data backhauling. Increase the reliability of supplied electricity and water, integrate renewable energy and improve customer service.

Superior Interference Mitigation
Ensure smooth operation in congested environments with the inherent spatial filtering of  Global Business Technology’s technologies for beamforming and handling interference.v Fast Return On Investment
May provide up to 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX with fewer sites per square mile or square kilometer. Offer higher network reliability and enhanced quality of service that satisfies your internal and external customers.