WIFI Solutions

Smart Utilities

Unleash the Potential of Your Smart Utility

Smart utilities combine 21st century technology with 20th century infrastructure for water and electricity. Using smart meters and sensors, distribution automation devices, applications and advanced communication, utilities can turn the unidirectional flow of energy and communication into a bi-directional flow.

This paradigm shift can increase the reliability of supply, enhance efficiency, integrate renewable energy resources and improve customer service. For consumers, smart utilities will give them more information about their usage and give them more control over their utility bills.

Access to information is at the heart of every smart utility and smart grid. Global Business Technology’s wireless broadband solutions enable utilities to deploy their smart utility projects on-time and on-budget with optimized anytime, anywhere access to voice, video and data.

Use  Global Business Technology solutions to:

  • Automate distribution and backhaul smart meter data
  • Meet the cost objectives and timetables of your smart utility / smart grid project
  • Manage street lights and energy consumption
  • Cost-effectively deploy video surveillance
  • Supply voice, video and data for mobile technicians and line truck crews
  • Eliminate the need for costly leased lines

AMR and Smart Utility Support
Support smart meters, smart sensors and distribution automation devices with two-way communication and data backhauling. Increase the reliability of supplied electricity and water, integrate renewable energy and improve customer service.

IBM SAFE Certification

Use Global Business Technology wireless solutions with IBM's Tivoli management platform to ensure the reliable, secure and scalable operation of Smart Grid network infrastructure. Achieve your Smart Grid project objectives on time and on budget.

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Roll out data backhauling for smart meters for entire areas without expensive digging, trenching or running cables. Quickly deploy video surveillance at substations or sensitive facilities.

Leased Line Replacement
Leverage the same network used for backhauling data from smart meters to eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines. Use Alvarion point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless technology to connect regional offices and substations to corporate headquarters.

Connectivity for Mobile Personnel
Deliver voice and video to emergency personnel so they can quickly locate and fix problems. Increase the productivity of mobile personnel by enabling them to access centralized information and reporting systems.

24 x 7 x 365, All-Weather Performance
Whether used for VoIP, videoconferencing or Internet access, your business demands utmost uptime.  Global Business Technology wireless broadband solutions provide all-weather performance with maximum uptime—even on Mt. Everest.

Flexible, Modular Infrastructure
The modular nature of wireless infrastructure makes it easy to add additional connections as you deploy smart meters, add new substations and more.