IP Surveilllance & Security



  • IP Surveillance solutions integrated into IT infrastructure, Self Monitoring or External Monitoring, Automatic Alarm responses including calls to cell phones or pagers with pre-recorded messages.
  • - State of the art Monitoring software
  • - License Plate Recognition & Recording
  • - Face Recognition Application
  • - IP Access Control Solutions
  • - Situation Management Center   Software

The future of Video Surveillance Today


MOBOTIX changes the concept of video camera to intelligent video agents. With its integrated Linux system, SIP protocol, and state of the art monitoring software you provide incredible advantages compared to analog video technology and conventional web cams.

Motion-activated IP-based digital surveillance cameras, from MOBOTIX with over 3 megapixels and audio capture all the detail. The flexibility, functionality and durability of the cameras deliver the quality images that security and monitoring services require, whether that be business, government, retail or manufacturing.

  • Megapixel sensor and image processing inside the camera with digital white balance generates sharp and true color images.
  • Dual camera technology: 2-in-1. Day & Night or 180° panoramic view.
  • Long-term, high-performance Terabyte recording management included in each camera. Event detection and ring buffer recording by the camera itself allow unique scalability and recording of record amount of cameras on a PC or NAS.
  • Simultaneous recording, event search and live viewing.  Live video for multiple users, recording and event search.
  • Very low network load. Efficient MxPEG video codec, motion detection based recording and video buffering inside camera guarantee a very low network load.
  • Day and night maintenance free. Unique Day/Night camera technology without moving parts guarantees extreme light sensitivity and long-term reliability.
  • Audio und SIP telephony. (Live and recording); each camera is a video IP telephone based on SIP with automatic call on alarms and remote control.
  • MxControl Center included. Dual screen technology with building plans, free camera positioning, event search, image processing, lens distortion correction and PTZ support

As a result of the Technical Advantages that distinguish MOBOTIX cameras you can create unique and intelligent applications for your customers and save costs using less cameras, less installation costs and no DVR.

Data VARS and Network specialists that decide to incorporate IP surveillance are the ideal technology partner to build and integrate valuable solutions for their end-users margins ar good and customers appreciate the value of these mature solutions.