Teleworker VPN

Meraki’s Teleworker VPN solution creates a secure IP sec tunnel from any Internet-connected Meraki wireless access point to your corporate network, providing secure remote access to IP PBX systems, file shares, and internal applications. Teleworker VPN is available on every Meraki 802.11n AP, at no extra cost. Remote APs connect securely and automatically to a Meraki MX Security Appliance or an easy-to-deploy VMWare-based virtual concentrator at HQ, while split-tunneling only routes internal traffic over the VPN, improving performance and saving bandwidth.


Self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-healing

When plugged in, the Z1 automatically connects to the Meraki cloud, downloads its configuration, and joins your network. In case of WAN IP address changes, the Z1 self heals by re-establishing the site-tosite VPN tunnels using the new IP address.