Take advantage of online training benefits:

Minimal impacts on existing schedules and activities -

Instead of completing training that's concentrated into several full days at a traditional venue, our courses span a much longer period, and you only need to commit approximately 5-7 hours each week to complete the course. This allows you to easily continue working and taking care of family needs, and it offers sufficient time to comprehend the course topics. 

Affordable for just about anyone - Our online training is within the reach of students with personal funds and companies with limited training budgets. You pay less tuition for our online training because of our much lower overhead costs as compared to offering courses in traditional venues. Also, you don't incur any travel expenses.



Online (Internet-based) Courses

Attend classes through a web browser, and Interact with the instructor during and after classes.

Global Business Technology fers the following live online vendor-neutral courses in our virtual classroom:




"Our online courses provide the experiences you need to be successful at designing and implementing wireless networks." 

Complement your existing training -

Our courses are how-to-oriented and designed to give you experience in designing and implementing wireless networks, which goes well beyond what you may have already learned in previous vendor-specific and certification courses. 


Learn from an experienced practitioners -We have vast experience designing and implementing wireless networks for manycompanies and industries, and we have a significant teaching background.

 In our training, you learn how to deploy wireless networks the right way, based on numerous lessons we have learned in the field.   We are dedicated to guiden you through each course so that you become successful at designing and implementing wireless networks. 

Corporate Training Services - Online / Onsite Classes

You can schedule any of our courses for a group of students within your company in either private live sessions (in our virtual interactive classromm)  or onsite in-person at your facility. Please contact us  for pricing and scheduling.  

Corporate Benefits

Our corporate training offers the following benefits:

Lower costs. Receive discounted tuition per student when you register a group from the same company.

Integrate existing projects into the training. Because all students are from the same company, the instructor can include elements of your projects within the course in a confidential manner.

Make use of your chosen tools. If you want, the instructor can use your chosen test tools in all examples, demonstrations, and practical hands-on exercises. 

If you have any questions about our training, please contact us. 

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